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Artificial Intelligence {Part 4}

Title: Artificial Intelligence Pt. 4
Genre: AU, angst, romace, cyberpunk-ish?
Pairing: Heechul / Jaejoong, KangTeuk, others...
Rating: NC-17 for language
Warning: Hardly even proof read, so apologies for the typos. ^^; I've been rushing around a lot. 
Summary: In a worl wher technology rules, and prosthetic bodies wlak the earth. There's someone who wants control, and the people who oppose him. And plus the man who may be the key to it all. All he had to do was go in, hack into the bureau's database and send the data back to HQ, it should have been a piece of cake. And he should have succeeded. He would have if he wasn't for the bosses damn pretty boy.

Heechul sighed when he woke up to the weight of an arm over his waist and a warm breath on the nape of his neck. He groaned, this hadn't been the first time Changmin had crawled into his bed in the middle of the night. He wrapped his fingers around the slender wrist.

"Changmin, you have got to stop being so damn clingy," he turned. But instead of seeing the sleepy, drooling, tanned face of Changmin, he was met with a paler more peaceful face. It was Jaejoong, his eye's closed, his blond hair hanging almost boyishly over the curve of his cheek, his full rosy lips parted slightly as he breathed slowly. Heechul had never seen him look so peaceful and serene as he slept so soundly, not a worry in the world.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED?!" Heechul yelled. Jaejoong stirred a bit from Heechul's voice then opened his eyes slowly, "Sleeping. Shh." He mumbled, pulling himself closer to the warmth of Heechul's back.

"Why aren’t you sleeping on the mat I laid out for you?"

"I'm not used to sleeping alone."

"Well you better start getting used to i-- AH, don't touch me there!"

"Jeez, you weren’t saying that when you were on top of me before."

Heechul pushed his arm off and sat up. He scarcely remembered last night. And the image of him pushing the blond down on the bed and crashing their lips together all seemed like a dream now.

"I have no idea what your talking about." He said looking forward at the wall.

"Liar." Jaejoong purred.

Heechul turned around. Jaejoong was shirtless, the blankets barely covering his hip, one arm above his head and the other across his stomach, he looked up at Heechul sexually.

"God, your such a whore." He mumbled, "Where are your clothes?"

"I took them off, they're filthy. Can I borrow something?" Jaejoong asked innocently, Heechul sighed.

"Damn, how long do I have to baby sit you?" Heechul groaned as he pushed himself out of bed and made his way to the dresser. Jaejoong watched as he walked way mumbling obscenities under his breath, clad in a tight black tank top and a pair of black boxers.

"Heechul, do you hate me?" Jaejoong suddenly asked.

"Didn't I already tell you that?" He replied, still rummaging through his draws. Jaejoong remained silent a moment, he remembered that night well. The way Heechul looked him in the eyes, the way he kissed him, the way he gently caressed his cheek. And the way he called him "Jae". He liked all of that, he kind of missed it too. "I see…" Jaejoong finally replied, sounding a bit more upset than he intended.

"Damn, don't cry again!" Heechul yelled throwing Jaejoong a white tee and a pair of black sweat pants. "Your so freaking sensitive. I just don't like being manipulated."

"You tried to manipulate me too you know." Jaejoong said as he pulled on the black sweatpants up over his waist.

"That's completely different."

"And how's that?"

"Because I was the one doing the manipulating!" Heechul yelled. Jaejoong couldn't help but laugh as he pulled the white shirt over his head. And he may have been imagining it, but it looked like Heechul smiled too.

"Hurry up, Kangin gets upset if we're late for whatever slop he's cooking for breakfast."


He looked over the footage time and time again. He just couldn't fathom what he was seeing. That red-headed pretty boy wasn't as smart as he thought he was. He hadn't even thought about security camera's hidden in that room. He saw it all, how he climbed on top of Jaejoong. But it wasn't the red-head's actions the surprised him, but it was the actions of Jaejoong, his Jaejoong. He'd never see him act like that before, he practically let the boy go free. That was not the Jaejoong he knew.

Suddenly he heard a knock on his office door and then it opened. A tall thin woman appeared in his doorway, long legs and a small black skirt, her hair pulled back in a bun. Her features were attractive but not too attractive. An Ai programmed for nothing more than secretarial duties weren't built to be beautiful, just to do their jobs efficiently.

Mr. Jung, Donghae is here to see you." She said in a monotonic voice.

"Send him in please." He closed his laptop and pushed it to the side of his desk as the woman left. Donghae entered a few moments after, dressed in a black suit and white collard shirt. His face almost blank but he could see the slight worry in his eyes.

"Well," Yunho said leaning back in his chair as he loosened his tie. "Any new developments on his location?"

Donghae shook his head, "No, no signal yet. I've had my men surrounding the area where his signal was last located. They'll inform me if they see any movement."

"Good, that's good Donghae. Nice work." Yunho said, though he really wasn't acknowledging the man in front of him. His mind still on the strange actions of Jaejoong.

"Thank you sir."

"And what about the pretty redhead that snuck in here, did you find anything on him?"

"We found a device I assumed belonged to him, some sort of communicator." Donghae paused.


"Well we've had our best people on it, but none of them seem to be able to get past its firewall. The security setting is pretty advanced, I've never seen such coding before."

"I see, " Yunho said swirling slightly in his chair, his gaze directed out the window. "One more day then."

"Yes sir, have you prepared the other?"

Yunho sighed slightly "Mm, he's been informed."


Heechul and Jaejoong made their way in to the small unremarkable kitchen-type room. Kangin stood in front of the stove. Changmin played with the slop of food on his plate with a disgusted look on his face. Jaejoong looked around surprised to see so many obsolete appliance's in the kitchen, but he didn't ask about it. Changmin looked up and smiled widely as he seen the two enter the room.

"Oh, you guys are finally up!" he said cheerfully as he stood and made his way toward Jaejoong. "Good morning Jae!" he smiled, his arms open, ready to engulf the smaller man in a big hug. Heechul grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"What do you think your doing." He said, stopping Changmin from any further movement toward Jaejoong.

"I just wanted to give him a hug." Changmin pouted.

"Yeah right, you just wanted to feel him up. Don't act like I don’t know you, you little perv."

"I don't know what your talking about. And besides, Jae doesn't mind if I hug him do you Jae?"

Jaejoong smiled sweetly, almost a motherly smile and shook his head, "No, I don’t mind." He chuckled when Changmin's smile grew wider. "Yeah well I do," Heechul said as he pushed Changmin back down into his seat. "Just eat your damn food." Changmin pouted again. "Jeez, possessive much? Your making me jealous Heechul."

Heechul scoffed, "Shut up, don’t think because you’re a little bit taller than me that I can't still kick your ass."

"Kangin, Heechul's threatening me again~!" Changmin whined. Kangin turned from his activities on the stove and glared the two of them. "Heechul stop threatening Min. Min… stop being a pervert." He said as he made his way to the table with a few more plates of slop. He looked to Jaejoong. "Morning Jae, you hungry? I could feed you if you want." He said with a sly smile.

Heechul let out a long exasperated sigh and dropped his head down on the table. "Hmm, and you tell Min to stop being a perv. Is everyone here some sort of sexual deviant?"

"Oh, speaking of sexual deviants, where's Teukie?" Changmin asked.

"I don't know." Kangin said, "He didn't come to bed last nigh-- I mean he hasn't been out of his room all day."

"We all know you guys are fucking, give it a rest already." Heechul said, leaning back in his seat. Jaejoong who had been standing until then took a seat beside him.

"He's probably still trying to contact that Yoochun guy you guys were talking about." Jaejoong said. Kangin nodded as he placed plates of food on the table in front of them. "Yeah, you're right." He said.

"So what's this guy like? What does he do and… why did he leave." Jaejoong questioned. He had to be a little bit curious about the guy that may be operating on his brain.

"Oh, Yoochun?" Changmin said with a smile. "He's so cool! Like zen-cool really. He's a really nice guy." He began, then his expression slightly changed. "But I don't know now. He may have changed since what happened, I wouldn't blame him."

"Morning." Eeteuk yawned as he suddenly emerged from his room fully dressed. Kangin pulled out a chair for him at the table.

"You pulled an all nighter again didn't you?" Kangin asked with a somewhat disappointed expression. Eeteuk sat down and stretched his arms out over his head with a smile.

"You know me," he said.

Heechul looked at him from across the table waiting for his results. "Well?" he finally said after he watched him play with the mush of food Kangin plopped on his plate for a moment. Eeteuk looked up at him.

"Oh right, Yoochun." He began. "I finally got in contact with him. He said he'll try to be here tomorrow."

"But do you think he's still capable of doing a sufficient job? And how will he get passed those damn guards who've been hiding outside since last night?" Kangin asked, gesturing to the monitor screen in the corner of the room. The guards trying to hide themselves with their optical camouflage.

"It should be fine. He's still Yoochun you know."

A/N: I sincerly apologize for the delay and shortness of this chapter! I intended on posting it the other day but I totally forgot I was going to be gone for two days, and now that I'm back I just found out I'm going to my brothers house for dinner! So I couldn't add all the stuff I wanted to, (or proof read *sighs*) or you'd all be waiting another day or two! But the next part, more things will be revealed! (and better grammer *sighs again*) And is anyone else TOTALLY loving the JaeChulMin in this! I know I am! I so feel like reading a hot JaeChulMin one-shot right now! But I can't find any. =[ Hey! Does anyone want to write me a JaeChulMin fic?? XDDD

Tags: fic:artificial intelligence, length:chaptered, pairing:jaejoong/heechul
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