& i'll never tell ♣ (mrs_min_ai) wrote,
& i'll never tell ♣

[TRAILER] Artificial Intelligence

So I was bored and instead of actually writing Artificial Intelligence, I decided to make a trailer for it three chapters in! XD Just kidding, I already started part 4 so no worries! If I work diligently on it today it should be up some time tomorrow! That is if I don't get distracted. (note: I get distracted easily. >.<)But I'll try my best to have it up REALLY soon! So I hope you enjoy the Trailer right now.

*note: At 1:10 it's "secrets" not "secretes" XD I fail, probably should have reviewed it after I made it, but my computer kept spazzing! No idea how I put an extra "e" there! 
Tags: fic:artificial intelligence, pairing:jaejoong/heechul, random:fanfic trailer
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