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Artificial Intelligence {Character Profiles}

Artificial Intelligence {Character Profiles}
These profiles may not help with the questions you had about the last chapter, but at least you have more of a background on each. A couple of profiles have been left blank for now as to not give away too much information too soon and spoil it. Those profiles will be filled out once those characters appear more. But I assure you, all your questions will be answered when the times right, you don't want it all to be spoiled for you do you? 

WARNING: If you have not read the story yet I suggest you NOT read these profiles first because it will spoil a few things for you!
Well... On to the profiles!!! 

Kim Heechul
He is the sharp tongued lead hacker at X Headquarters. He's one of the rare people during that time to not have prosthetic bodies after the revolution. He thinks it's "inhuman" and pointless since he thinks he's good enough without having it enhance body and artificial mind. And he's correct having an unnaturally high IQ for someone without a cyber brain, and a strong athletic body for a natural. Before he joined X, he was a rebel, doing his own thing and rebelling against the government, until he was recruited by Eeteuk who had heard of his skills.

Kim Jaejoong

He is still a very mysterious character in this story, he may have more secretes than he has let on. All we know about him now is that he has a half prosthetic body and half a cyber brain. After a mysterious accident that he was in a long time ago, (probably sometime at the begging of the revolution) he was taken in by a man who put him through torturous experiments, giving him the body and mind he has now. After the experiments he lived with that man, acting as a lifeless doll (for reasons unknown) and the man used him for his own sexual desires because well…look at him! And not only that, he is used as a container to hold some mysterious chip. But that's may not be all…


He is the head of X Headquarters. Ever since he was a young man he has been rebelling against the government after the mysterious deaths of his family. He is extremely intelligent, and a strong leader even though he seems like a hard ass, he really does care deeply for each and everyone of his comrades (especially Kangin, though he doesn't show it much) and would gladly risk his life for all of them. Not much else is known about this man.


Kangin is well… the muscle of the entire operation of X. He has an unnaturally powerful prosthetic body, and a keen sense of accuracy so he comes in handy when dealing with dangerous situations. Unfortunately he knows this which makes him very cheeky arrogant, much like Heechul and their personalities tend to clash a bit, (but don't let them fool you, they're the best of friends.) Kangin has also been in love with Eeteuk for a very long time since they grew up together, and is very protective of the eldest. He's pretty much his body guard. Though he's a HUGE flirt (as he shamelessly flirted with Jaejoong, and Heechul when he first joined.) he still cares deeply for Eeteuk, and Eeteuk for him. Though they try to hide it but fail.


Changmin is probably the only one in the group who is the closest to Heechul. Heechul has been a big brother to him since he was very young and his parents were killed. Heechul took him in as a little brother and watched out for him. Changmin is the youngest of the group but also has a very high IQ and is very observant of things (much to the dismay of KangTeuk) He joined X with Heechul and is sort of and apprentice hacker under him. Though Changmin is the youngest he isn’t as innocent as he lets on, and he's pretty much a smart ass.

Jung Yunho

(Profile coming soon!)
Lets just say part three wasn't his first appearance in this story. ^-^

Lee Donghae

(Profile coming soon!) 

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