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★Fic List!★

Fic List


CHILD'S PLAY (DBSK: Yunjae/OT5; General/Fluff) [complete]
Something strange and unexpected happened in the Dong Bang House Hold, giving Yunho and Jaejoong a whole new reason to be called "Umma" and "Appa" now. Can they help eachother threw this strange phenomemnon, or will they be cursed forever?
[one] [two] [three]

UNFAITHFUL (DBSK: Yoochun/Junsu, Yunho/Junsu, slight Jaejoong/Yoochun; Angst/Drama) [complete]
Junsu could tell it was hurting him everytime he walked out the door because they both knew where he was going. He could see the pain in Yoochuns eyes and it broke his heart. But not wanting to break eachothers they stay together as if nothings wrong, as if Junsu wasn't with another man every other night. As if they were still a happy couple, but it's all pretend now. Will they work it out or go their seperate ways?
[one] [two] [three] [four] [five]

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (DBSJ: Jaejoong/Heechul, Yoochun/Junsu, others) [complete]
In a world where technology rules, and prosthetic bodies walk the earth. There's someone who wants control, and the people who oppose him. And plus the man who may be the key to it all. All he had to do was go in, hack into the bureau's database and send the data back to HQ, it should have been a piece of cake. And he should have succeeded. He would have if he wasn't for the bosses damn pretty boy.
[Trailer] [Character Profiles] [one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] [eight] [nine] [ten] [Epilogue]

(♥)= Personal Favorites
(★)=Popular [2 or more pages of comments]

The Mechanics of Kissing | SHINee: Key/SHINee | Romance | PG-13

Once Upon a One Night Stand | SHINee: Minho/Key | Romance/College!au | R

(♥)Of Gods and Dogs | DBSK: General | Drama/Band!fic | PG-13

The Way Things Are | DBSK: Jaejoong/Changmin | Drama/General | PG

Heroes (or other such atrocities) | SHINee: OT5, Jonghyun/Key | Humor/General | PG

Baby Now (I Know That You Want Me) | DBSK: Yunho/Junsu | Thriller/Smut| NC-17 | For prettyminstrel

(★)(♥)I Really Hate You (But I Love You) | SHINee: Jonghyun/Key | Romance/Humor| PG-13

Right Where He Belongs | DBSK: OT5, Jaejoong/Yoochun | Drama/Fluff| PG (sequel to Just Remember to Come Home)

(♥)What a Tangled Web We Weave| DBSK: Changmin/Junsu, Yunho/Jaejoong | Action/Romance | R

(★)Club No.1| DBSK: Changmin/Jaejoong | Humor/Smut | NC-17

(♥)Just Remember to Come Home | DBSK: Jaejoong/Yoochun | Romance/Drama | R

(♥)Sometimes... in the Dark | DBSK: Jaejoong-centric | Angst/Horror | R | For lilxinyue

(★)Crime and Punishment | DBSK: Changmin/Yunho | Humor | Light R | For sunev789

Behind the Bathroom Door | DBSK: Jaejoong/Changmin | Angst | PG-13 | For kmelia85

(★)(♥)Love thy Neighbor [The Sequel] | DBSK: Yoochun/Junsu | Smut/Humor | NC-17

The One Where Changmin Looses his Virginity Because of a Cockroach | DBSK: Jaejoong/Changmin | Humor/Smut | NC-17 | For tvfxqluvz02

Beauty from Pain | DBSK: Jaejoong/Junsu | Drama/Horror | Light R | for umai_jae_ai

(★)(♥)And Miles to go Before I Sleep | DBSK: Jaejoong/Changmin | Fluff | PG | for xcorpusdelictix

Three Steps from Hell | DBSK: Jaejoong/Junsu | Drama/Angst/Smut | NC-17 | for tiffani_88

The Love Boat | DBSK: Yoochun/Junsu | Fluff | PG-13 | for silent_twin

(★)(♥)Love thy Neighbor | DBSK: Yoochun/Junsu | Humor/Crack | PG

The Sweetest Sin | DBSK: Jaejoong/Junsu | Drama/Romance | Light R

(★)So... There's This Guy, Right? | DBSK: Junsu/??? | Humor/Crack | PG

Artificial Intelli-- what?? O_o | DBSK: Jaejoong-centric, general | Crack | PG-13

Beautiful Thing | DBSK: Yoochun/Junsu | Fluff/Romance | G

(♥)War of Manipulation | DBSK: Changmin/Junsu | Humor/Fluff | G


10 iPod Dabbles | DBSK: Yoochun/Junsu, Jaejoong/Changmin | Various raitings

(♥)Fairy tales | DBSK: Yoochun/Changmin | G

Wet Dream? | DBSK: Jaejoong/Changmin | PG

(♥)The Stars are going Out | DBSK: Changmin/Junsu | PG | for umai_jae_ai

To Say Good Night | DBSK: Yunho/Jaejoong | PG

(♥)Some Sort of Affection | DBSK: Changmin/Junsu | PG

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