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Artificial Intelligence {Part 2}

Title: Artificial Intelligence Pt. 2
Genre: AU, angst, romace, cyberpunk-ish?
Pairing: Heechul / Jaejoong
Rating: NC-17 for swearing and mild violence. 
Summary: All he had to do was go in, hack into the bureau's database and send the data back to HQ, it should have been a piece of cake. And he should have succeeded. He would have if he wasn't for the bosses damn pretty boy. 

This was bullshit! Not only did he have some stranger he now didn't trust on the back of his motorcycle, but now he was fucking being chased down by some car. He had no time to say anything to Jaejoong, if he hadn’t noticed the slick black Camaro approaching high speed he would have stopped right there and threw the bastard off his bike. The asshole probably had a tracker on him.

Heechul picked up the acceleration on his bike, all the while keeping and eye on his side view mirror. Shit they were fast. Heechul grabbed hold of the gas and picked up speed, swerving in and out of passing cars. The lights zooming by leaving streaks of yellow and red in their wake. The damn Camaro was still gaining on them. He could hear his own breathing and thumping of his heart loud in his ears. He veered to the left then to right, leaving hundreds of cars behind in the hopes of losing the Camaro. He felt the grip around his middle tighten, Heechul grit his teeth. He Didn’t trust that bastard but he had no time to fight with him now.

His grip on the handlebars were so tight he could feel his knuckles turning white. He looked back once more, the Camaro was rather far behind now, he just had to loose them completely. He veered to the right leaning so low they could practically touch the ground, the Camaro no longer in sight.

Heechul found themselves off the roads and under a small bridge after they lost their chasers. His arms dangled off the handle bars as he exhaled a breath he hadn’t know he was holding since that final turn. He laid there trying to catch his breath and clear his mind before he made another move.

"You okay?" Heechul heard a voice call to him and he turned around. Jaejoong was leaning with his back against the bridges under walls, arms crossed over his chest and head tilted slightly to the side. His whole demeanor was completely different than before, even his voice was slightly different. Heechul glared at him, nothing but distrust and anger in his eyes. "Who the fuck are you?" His voice was coarse and hard, his words were like venom. He watched as Jaejoong straightened his posture and dropped his hands to his side, his eyes slightly widening into the clueless innocent ones he knew before. "Didn't I tell you? My name is Jaejoong." Heechul grit his teeth, before he knew it he had crossed the distance between them and had his hand wrapped around Jaejoong's slender neck, banging his head against the wall.

"Don’t you fuck around with me," Heechul voiced threw clenched teeth. "What the hell are you and what do you want." His grip tightened around Jaejoong's neck. Heechul watched again as his expression changed from innocent to relaxed, even though he was practically being choked. Heechul tightened his grip a bit more, Jaejoong smirked. "Is this anyway to treat a friend?"

Heechul clenched his jaw so tight he thought his teeth would crack. This bastard was playing games with him now, and he was getting pissed. He did not liked to be fucked around with. He stared into Jaejoong's big dark eyes, he could not read him, and he hated it.

"You son of bitch." Heechul grit threw clenched teeth as his fist connected hard to the soft surface of Jaejoong's jaw, he glowered down at him as he hit the ground. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill your ass right now."

Jaejoong swiped his thumb across the small trail of blood trickling from his mouth. "Shit, violent much?" Heechul grabbed the spare gun from the side of his bike, pointing it down at Jaejoong.

"You haven't seen violent yet. Now you have five seconds to tell me what the fuck is going on."

"You're pretty when you're mad."


"Ooh, you're serious."


"How can you treat someone who practically let you go like this?"


Jaejoong sighed.

"Two…" he heard the trigger click slightly.

"Okay, okay. I'll tell you." Jaejoong said waving his arm indifferently to Heechul he lowered his gun for a moment. "Then talk."

Jaejoong sighed once more, "Well you obviously figured I'm not an AI." He began. Heechul squinted at him. "Why the hell would you lie to me?"

"I didn’t lie, you assumed."

"Why the fuck were you acting like that then?!" Heechul yelled, aggravation rising. Jaejoong smirked and chuckled a bit. "… It was fun." He smiled. Heechul rose his gun once more, finger tighter on the trigger.

"Okay, clam down. Damn you have a temper." Jaejoong said as he leaned back on his arms in a more comfortable position. And he began, "Well I'm not an AI, but I'm not exactly a Natural either." Heechul lowered him gun and listened. "I was born the human Kim Jaejoong. And some years ago, more than I care to admit actually, I was in a pretty bad accident, almost died." He chuckled, "But then a miraculous thing happened, I guess you could say I was saved by that oh-so-pleasant man you met earlier. I'm assuming you know his job and what he does since you were their trying to stop him and all." Jaejoong continued his voice trailing off lazily.

"Wrap it up already. Who the hell are you, and what do you want?" Heechul sighed.

"Not very patient either. Anyways, I wasn't in very good condition after the accident so he took me in and turned me into on of his experiments. Half of my limbs are prosthetic, even half of my brain." He said as he tapped the side of his head and smiled. "And in that half of the brain, he implanted this computer chip which left me with all of his data and information on his business and experiments. So needless to say, I'm pretty damn important."

Heechul stared at him, his eyes wide. He still didn't know what to think of this man-type-thing. "So what the hell do you want from me?" Heechul voiced, his finger still on the trigger of his gun. Jaejoong adjusted his position on the ground and looked up at him. "I don't want anything really. I just wanted to get away from that bastard." Jaejoong sighed and then looked to the ground.

"Isn't he the one that saved you?" Heechul asked, "Why are you betraying him? And weren’t you his whore?" Jaejoong chuckled at the last one. "Hey, everyone needs a little loving. But even though he may have rescued me, it doesn’t mean I agree with the things he's doing. And besides, he didn't know exactly how conscious I was. He thought I was a lifeless doll, just like you did.

Heechul closed his eyes, this shit was just too much. He took a deep breath and tried to clear his mind. All thoughts about his assignment and the whole being chased deal slowly left his mind until he heard a ringing sound from his bike. Shit, he thought. I really don't want to hear that voice right now. Heechul slowly walked over to his bike and tapped the screen on the top of his bike, and listened.

"Heechul! Where the fuck are you?!" He cringed at the sound of his voice.

"I'm right here damnit! Stop screaming!"

"Where the hell have you been? Get your ass back here ASAP!"

"Calm down Teuk, I'm on my fucking way!" Heechul yelled at the screen.

"You better have a damn good excuse for taking so damn long to--" he cut the communication. "You better have a damn good excuse~! Blah, blah, blah! KISS MY ASS!" he yelled at the blank screen and hopped on his bike. As he placed his helmet on his head he felt a weight on the back of his bike and arms wrap around his middle. "What the fuck do you think your doing?!" Heechul yelled back at Jaejoong who was already positioned comfortably on the back of his bike.

"You know for someone who's supposed to be a brilliant hacker, your kind of dumb."

"What the fuck did you just call me you son of a bitch?!" Heechul yelled back at the blond.

"Eh, Hello? All the information and data you needed neatly stored up in my head. I'm not a genius but wouldn't that be useful to you?"

Heechul sighed and turned back around, "I liked you better when I thought you were a lifeless whore." Jaejoong chuckled, "But you did like me." He smiled.

"Shut the fuck up… wait." Heechul began, "If all that information is stored up in your head, and your pretty damn important, doesn't that mean he can probably track your location?"

Jaejoong fell silent for a moment, his expression changing to his innocent one once again. "You know, that's quite possible." He said simply. Heechul sighed again.

"God, I fucking hate you."

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Tags: fic:artificial intelligence, length:chaptered, pairing:jaejoong/heechul
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