10 day writing meme: day 8

Day Eight: Write two characters' second kiss in two sentences. (Jaejoong/Junsu)
The first one was unsure, and maybe a little bit awkward because it was more like testing the waters than anything. But as Jaejoong pulled him in once again, his confidence regained and a possessive gleam in his eyes, Junsu could do nothing but melt into those lips.
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And let's get tomorrows prompts out of the way now.

It's supposed to only be pairings i haven't written for this meme yet, but i'm a rebel. ;) any pairing, any prompt.
character/character - prompt.


10 day writing meme: day 7

Day Seven: Write a breakup scene in three sentences without giving the reason for it or using dialogue. (Minho/Taemin)
Minho hates that he’s not man enough to end it in person. But he knew he would never be able to handle Taemin’s tears if he had actually spoken those words written across the screen. So with a sigh, he presses ‘send’ and switches off his phone.
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this gif made me sad i had to write this. ;_;

also, this meme will be f-locked when it's complete so if there's anyone
actually caring about these little bits of fail who aren't on my flist, feel free to add me! ^^

10 day writing meme: day 6

Day Six: Write a scene in six sentences in which a character is searching for someone in the last moments of the end of the world. (Yoochun/Junsu)
He has to be here, Yoochun thought as his grip tightened around the flickering flashlight in his unsteady hand. The sun burnt out weeks ago and the darkness was engulfing but Yoochun knew the other would come back to this place. The apartment was freezing and practically crumbling around them and Yoochun steadies his hand long enough to see a figure curled into himself on the old worn out couch they used to share.

“Junsu, it‘s freezing,” Yoochun breathes quietly, his voice scratchy from the cold and disuse.

Junsu turns to him and smiles as if he’d been waiting for him this whole time, and he probably was.

“Come keep me warm then,” he says and Yoochun doesn’t hesitate before dropping the flashlight (it was no longer necessary) and curling up beside the other man with a warm smile as existence began to shake and shatter around them.

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min-->gorgeous smile bb!

10 day writing meme: day 5

Day Five: Write a scene in eight sentences in which someone's going through his/her version of "It's a Wonderful Life." (Onew)
Jonghyun was the leader now, apparently. It made sense since everyone thought he was the leader anyway and he was the eldest of the group now. He did a decent job though, Jinki thought.  He attended all the meetings, listened to their manager hyung and made sure all the members were well informed and where they needed to be.  He was always charismatic and a good speaker so it made sense that he would do better than him.

But it wasn’t right because Jonghyun wasn’t as mischievous and playful as Jinki had known him to be and Kibum and Minho opted for going out more with their perspective friends while Taemin would hole himself up with school work, studying harder now since no one was there to help him through the problems. Jinki may have been clumsy and forgetful and more awkward than necessary, but he was the glue that kept them all together, made them laugh, made them a family.

“I get it now,” Jinki murmured.
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there were wayyyy too many onew gifs i wanted to use for this day. -_-
min-->gorgeous smile bb!

10 day writing meme: day 4

Day Four: Write a character's reaction to someone's love confession in one sentence. (Yunho/Changmin)
"Tell me something I don't know," Changmin says cheekily as he pulls Yunho in to seal the deal.

i just couldn't resist writing homin after yunho called min his "wife." xD

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I was actually just going to write, "well this is awkward" and call it a day. xD

10 day writing meme: day 3

Day Three: Write seven sentences from the perspective of a passerby witnessing Day Two's scene. (Jonghyun)
Now that wasn’t a smile one saw everyday; especially from one Kim Kibum. It was a gracious smile, almost bashful at the corners with a hint of gratefulness sprinkled along the top. It was a smile one wouldn’t normally see gracing the features of the young barista. He was normally impassive and genial at best to his customers and this was a sight, indeed. Even the hint of bashfulness the other man showed seemed out of character for him and Jonghyun was curious.

But as he watched those eyes sparkle in unrestrained delight it was hard not notice how that one little comment seemed to brighten the barista's day. Who knew a little chocolate and a smile could do so much?
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